Days Remain to Participate in EHRC’s 2017-2022 Labour Market Study


 May 3, 2018

This ongoing study provides industry with information on the most up-to-date issues and statistics affecting the electricity sector and the subsequent implications for the demand-supply gap.

As part of its next iteration, Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is asking industry stakeholders to complete an online survey on the number of employees by occupation within their organizations, and areas of expected employment growth. Deadline for participating: 12:00 P.M. MST, June 15, 2018.

EHRC anticipates that several industry specific factors will result in rapidly-changing labour-force requirements over the next five years: 

1) expected accelerated growth in renewable energy key sub-sectors

2) transformation from “legacy systems” to the “next generation” of infrastructure that will expand, replace and refurbish most of Canada’s electricity infrastructure by 2030

3) continued high retirement rates of baby boomers

4) heightened focus on carbon reduction and energy efficiency initiatives.

It is anticipated that this research project will generate and provide the following outcomes:

• statistically rigorous current labour supply and demand information for the industry suitable for use in a regulatory environment

• essential planning information to industry stakeholders, including employers, labour, education and regulators, that adheres to current industry standards in a North American and global context

• occupational forecast data that provides career seekers, career development providers, educational institutions and training providers with jurisdiction specific information to support and inform decision making

• greater use of workforce planning methods by industry members

• jurisdiction specific information that identifies critical occupations impacted by policy change and/or technology growth

Completing the survey requires a unique access code, which can be obtained by contacting Sheila Harper, Senior Analyst at Malatest directly at 1-877-665-6252 (extension 224) or

For on the program, visit:

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