EFC Invests in Canadian Students


Ocotber 20, 2017

Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) and its members are proud to support Canadian university and college students reach their academic goals providing $154,000 across 57 scholarships. This initiative has supported students with over $1 million in funding since the program started in 1994.

This initiative is of prime importance for the electrical and electronics industries as it provides an opportunity for EFC members to join under a proven program. Canadian university and college students are shown the electrical industry as a viable career choice in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Management, Operations, Information Technology, Logistics and Human Resources.

“Thanks to members from across the Canadian electrical and electronics industries, the EFC scholarships provide support for bright Canadian talents pursuing careers in the electrical industry. The EFC scholarships also attract young talent to the electrical industry and in turn ensure that Canada is positioned as a leader in this field,” said Joris Myny, Chair 2017 EFC Scholarship Program and Senior Vice President, Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives Divisions, Siemens Canada.

“We have received excellent student submissions with high marks, impressive volunteer and career objectives. EFC and its members are committed to attracting students into the industry. It also provides an opportunity for companies to meet with the student and educate on the benefits of a career in the electrical industry,” said John Jefkins, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, EFC.

The EFC Scholarship Program delivers a wide-range of offerings from manufacturers, distributors and associations. The 2017 student scholarship recipients are listed at https://scholarship.electrofed.com/default.asp
The 2018 Scholarship Program will be accepting applications in February 2017

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