Mar 25, 2019

SignifySignify, formerly Philips Lighting, has launched a new training hub in the U.K. that helps contractors and installers improve their understanding of light installation and support their ongoing professional development. The training options include a smart, connected lighting certification via training on Interact Pro, as well as specialized ongoing professional development courses. Similar programs may soon be available in Canada, the U.S., and other key markets, including China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.

With the training hub, contractors will be able to upskill across a broad range of lighting tools and functions through certified webinars and a variety of other courses. These range from an introduction to LED light that explains basic terminology such as CRI rating up to more technical material.

Training hub participants will also be able to earn a certificate in Interact Pro, the new wireless lighting control system that uses Philips CoreLine luminaires as part of a Zigbee mesh network. As part of this training process, installers will learn how to commission and control a system from a smartphone, automate light schedules, and monitor energy usage and remote diagnostics.

, said:

“It is great to be able to offer such a comprehensive training program to our customers. “Education and training are crucial for installers and electrical contractors, and in helping them future-proof their businesses in a changing industry,” says Matt Burton, Trade & Specification Channel Manager of Signify UK & Ireland.

Gregory Phillips, owner of GWP Contracting in Windlesham, Surrey, agrees. “Training like this is fundamental for businesses like mine. I was able to quickly and easily learn how to install a smart lighting system online and, crucially, by learning about the commercial side I can now offer light as a service. Meaning an ongoing monthly revenue for my business.”

Although this training is not yet available in Canada, check out Signify’s current training options for Canada.