On-Demand Webinar by Leviton on Single-Mode Fiber

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Nov 25, 2019

The demands of new and emerging technologies – things like 5G, BIoT and DAS – present both opportunities and challenges for enterprise fiber networks. Enterprise IT managers want to get the value and capabilities out of these latest technologies to help their organizations stand out from the crowd. IT Contractors need to provide solutions that meet those expectations with maximum value and upgradeability to keep their customers – the Enterprise IT Managers – on the front end of the curve.

Until recently, multimode transceivers were orders of magnitude less expensive than their single-mode counterparts, making multimode the fiber of choice for many enterprise network designers. Today, the cost of single-mode transceivers has come down significantly, making the increased bandwidth and longer distances made possible by single-mode fiber much more attractive. This presentation covers:

  • Compelling reasons to include single-mode fiber in the enterprise network
  • What you need as an IT Manager and what is expected as an installer
  • Choices and recommendations on fiber cabling, connectors, termination and migration options
  • Cleaning, testing and maintenance to ensure system longevity and performance

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