Legend Power Systems Introduces SmartGATE Insights

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Nov 26, 2019

Following its recent announcement of significant enhancements to its SmartGATE platform, Legend Power Systems has taken a key next step in finding and minimizing building-specific risk and waste created by the electric grid with the introduction of its SmartGATE Insights technology. It is available as a standalone diagnostic tool to prioritize areas of risk and waste across all buildings owned or operated by a customer. SmartGATE Insights is now built-in to new SmartGATE platforms, and, available as a retrofit to a customer’s existing SmartGATE to serve as the verification engine for energy efficiency and effectiveness.

A sophisticated metering and monitoring gateway, the breakthrough system captures in real-time, the major aspects of power quality from each inbound electrical feed. The system’s analytics engine then analyzes them to create a proprietary Power Quality Index (PQI) for client buildings. The PQI illustrates the impact of the known causes of equipment malfunctions, failures and inefficiencies. This includes a minute-by-minute capture of the hundreds of data points necessary to visualize major areas of power quality (voltage sags/swells, phase unbalance and over/under voltage).

The reporting shows key metrics in business and technical terms, effectively providing a diagnosis of the electrical “health” and building systems for the entire portfolio. Building owners or managers can see their exposure to avoidable risk and waste in kilowatt hours (kWh), in dollars, uptime and lifetime of key electrical systems, GHG emissions and much more.

“The engineering team have dedicated 10 years to making onsite power management technology a practical, viable solution for commercial-level application” said Legend Power Systems VP of Engineering, Mark Petersen. “It needed to deliver on power quality, energy efficiency and sustainability while also being compact, effective, reliable and affordable. I’m proud to say that the combination of SmartGATE Insights™ and SmartGATE™ checks all those boxes.”

The results from the SmartGATE Insights rollout across a customer’s portfolio of buildings allows Legend to recommend a comprehensive, prioritized risk and waste mitigation plan leveraging the optimal SmartGATE configurations across their buildings. SmartGATE’s combined proprietary intelligence and control technology then manages the ongoing power corrections in real-time, via electronic switching and an extremely efficient auto-transformer.

The PQI is available at a dedicated web portal or via download from the web interface. After full deployment, customers can access single building or “Portfolio” views (for multiple buildings) at a single log-in, and download summaries for the past month or year, or view live (real-time/cumulative).

SmartGATE Insights is available now and as a result of the initial deployment, it has been installed in 30 customer locations.


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