July 5, 2021

EIN Delta Transformers logo 400Delta Transformers launches its online training courses for its distribution and power transformers.

Delta Transformers produces a wide range of dry-type transformers, to respond to a multitude of needs and applications.

The 5-course program allows electricians, contractors, engineers, agents, and distributors a fully functional online on demand training experience. The site offers a full set of course material for individual courses that span no more than 20 minutes each.

The following courses are offered:

For Distribution Transformers:

Transformer 101 - Basic Theories of a Transformer covering the basic theories, anatomy, and assembly of a Delta Transformer.

Transformer 102 - Commercial series & General Purpose covering the Parameters, Apparent power (kVA), temperature rise, Insulation class, BIL & Impedance of a Transformer

Transformer 103 - K Factor & Harmonics Mitigation introducing the notions of harmonics, their meanings, and their impacts on transformers.

Transformer 104 - Epoxy potted & Enviro-Guard, Hazardous locations describing the various environments in which Transformers are installed and operated.

For Power Transformers:

Transformer 105 Power & Medium Voltage

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