October 1, 2021

EIN 24 ESA 400The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) recently held its Annual Meeting and Ontario Electrical Safety Awards to celebrate achievements in electrical safety.  In addition to the awards, ESA's Chair, Board of Directors, Annette Bergeron, and Chief Executive Officer and President, David Collie, highlighted ESA's fiscal year accomplishments, COVID-19 activities, and 2020 Ontario Electrical Safety Report.

The 2021 safety awards were presented by Josephina Erzetic, ESA's Chief Regulatory Officer and General Counsel in the categories of Worker Safety, Consumer and Home Safety, and Powerline Safety. Ms. Erzetic also presented the Licensed Electrical Contractor Recognition Award and the Chief Public Safety Officer Special Recognition Award.

The 2021 award recipients are:

Worker Safety: Hydro One Networks Inc. - is recognized for a unique, grassroots led employee initiative through the creation of the new Safety Improvement Team to improve worker safety and employee input into corporate workplace safety initiatives.

Powerline Safety: Darren Desrosiers - is recognized for his dedication and commitment to improving powerline safety through his contribution to developing safety standards, processes, and participation on an advisory council dedicated to improving safety in the utility sector.

Consumer and Home Safety: Kijiji Canada - is recognized for its partnership with ESA that helps educate consumers on the risks of hiring unlicensed contractors.  Kijiji has worked in partnership with ESA to educate consumers on the risks of hiring unlicensed contractors and helped reduce the number of unlicensed contractors advertising electrical services without a licence online.

Licensed Electrical Contractor Recognition Award: T.P. Electric 
TP Electric is recognized for its safety efforts and the creation of innovative tools to keep its employees safe by revamping its health and safety program to focus on employee engagement and participation.  The soon-to-be 50-year old licensed electrical contracting business continues to work to improve safety processes for employees.

Chief Public Safety Officer - Special Recognition Award: Dave Shanahan

Dave Shanahan is awarded the Chief Public Safety Officer award for his long-term commitment to occupational health & safety standards that have helped organizations create safer workplaces in Ontario and Canada.  As a foundational member of the CSA Z460 electrical safety standards series his commitment to safety is marked by the legacy of national standards that are the benchmark in occupational electrical safety.