Hedgehog Technologies Finalizes Acquisition of Igloo Innovations

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March 8, 2022

The acquisition will expand Hedgehog Technologies to include mechanical engineering services for the first time in the company’s 20-year history. With a shared value alignment around innovation, the companies are committed to the development of proprietary technologies for industries such as marine, industrial automation, and amusement rides.

“Innovation was at the heart of our decision to acquire Igloo,” said Michael Wrinch, founder of Hedgehog Technologies, “having a shared vision will support our goal to develop new technologies while offering a new mechanical engineering arm to better serve our clients. We see this as a win-win situation for everyone.”

Igloo Innovations was founded in 2010 by Jason Clark. Derek Puzzuoli later joined in 2013 as a key partner. The company started with providing photorealistic product visualization services to Dell, Samsung, and Caterpillar. Igloo Innovations later branched into the attractions and marine industries where it started to integrate creative with technical design. These projects included themed rides and underwater remote operated vehicles (ROV).

“Igloo and Hedgehog share a passion for developing leading-edge products and technologies which often led to our teams working together on many projects, even though we were separate entities,” said Jason Clark, founder of Igloo Innovations. “When Mike approached me to bring Igloo into the Hedgehog group it made perfect sense. Together we can provide the same unique services to our clients but more efficiently and with a higher degree of collaboration between firms.”

To learn more, visit https://www.hedgehogtech.com/ and https://www.iglooinnovationsinc.com/

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