EngWorks First in Canada to be Formally Accepted as an IECEx Recognized Training Provider

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March 21, 2022

EngWorks is pleased to announce that it has been formally accepted by the IECEx Executive as an IECEx Recognized Training Provider (RTP).  “We are the first Canadian company to achieve this recognition” says Susanne Cardwell, Marketing Director at EngWorks.  “This achievement has global implications

The IECEx RTP program recognizes training providers that provide quality instruction to support the IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence (IECEx CoPC) program.  The IECEx CoPC program provides third party certification of persons’ competence in performing tasks related to hazardous locations.  For more information on the IECEx COPC program, please go to https://www.iecex.com/certificates-and-licenses/scheme-documents-3/certified-persons/

“We believe that competence of personnel is the first step towards explosion safety.  This starts with the competent delivery of training services that can be trusted” says EngWorks’ Principal Allan Bozek.   “We believe that training opportunities need to be accessible to those who need it at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to remove the barriers to education in explosion safety.”   

For more information on EngWorks and its online course offerings, visit the EngWorks School of Hazloc at https://www.engworks.ca/online-courses.

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