Toronto Hydro Adds First Fully Electric Bucket Truck to its Fleet

September 11, 2023

Toronto Hydro is one of the first utilities in Ontario to add a fully electric bucket truck to its fleet. This addition to Toronto Hydro’s decarbonized fleet marks an important step forward for the utility company’s commitment to the electrification of fleet operations and achieving net-zero emissions in its operations by 2040.

The utility’s fully electric bucket truck is expected to be integrated into operations by early next year, and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate noise pollution while completing essential work across the city. The truck is a historic addition to Toronto Hydro’s electric fleet of 13 fully battery electric vehicles and 53 hybrid vehicles.

To ensure seamless integration and operational readiness and gather valuable insights to further net-zero operations, Toronto Hydro will pilot the electric bucket truck in its training yard. The training yard serves as a testing ground for operational equipment and a hub for utility employees to learn and hone their skills in a controlled environment.


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