Grounded in Ontario Episode 6: Electrical Safety Code Changes

EIN ESA Grounded 400

March 16, 2022

A new edition of Ontario Electrical Safety Code is going to be enforced on May 5th. The Code is updated to reflect changes to requirements related to many areas – from guidance on new technology to climate change.

Senior Director of Engineering and Regulations Nansy Hanna said keeping up with the Code’s changes is necessary for all licensed electrical contractors and others working in the electrical industries, such as designers and engineers.

“Safety is paramount. The people who use electricity, they flip the switch and the light turns on and they take it for granted that it’s safe,” she said. “But, the people who are doing installation – you, the LECs, and us who are involved with inspection and Code development – we do not take it for granted. We work very diligently to make sure all installations are safe.”

In this episode, Josie Erzetic chats with Nansy Hanna, who highlights the important changes to the Code and how licensed electrical contractors should prepare. Hanna talks through changes relating to electric storage systems, powerline safety and worker safety.

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