Stories of Growth with Sonepar – Episode 6: Belgium

May 31, 2023

Stories of Growth with Sonepar - Episode 6: Belgium
In the sixth episode of Sonepar’s Stories of Growth series, they’re headed to Belgium to speak with leaders who joined the Sonepar family as long as nine years ago, and to hear all about their journey since making the transition.  

Sonepar has built an undisputed leadership position in business-to-business electrical product distribution, systems, and services thanks to a unique combination of being family-owned, with a long-term horizon, best-in-class leadership, an engaged workforce, and demanding corporate governance. 

Sonepar is always looking for new companies that are willing to join a family-owned group, where the diversity and well-being of the associates are valued the most, where we work based on a high level of compliance standards and common values and investing in Sonepar’s associates and teams is a priority. 

Thank you to Jean Stevens, Jozefien Vandamme, and Michèle de Brabandere for sharing your story of growth with us, as well as Koenraad van Schuylenbergh and Pascale Castermant for your insights. 

Watch the full episode on Sonepar’s YouTube channel! 


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