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Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is an international emergency lighting leader that also operates in the fields of energy savings, lighting, photovoltaic systems, domestic electronics, industrial and urban safety and security systems. The company’s strategy is based on its ability to interpret market requirements.

The Beghelli Group also includes 11 research, production and trading sister companies. Beghelli SpA (Italy), Beghelli Canada, Beghelli USA, Beghelli Mexico, Beghelli Polska, Beghelli Praezisa (Germany), Beghelli Elplast (Czech Republic), Beghelli Brasil, Beghelli Hungary, Beghelli Asia Pacific and Beghelli China are all proud members of the Beghelli Group.

Beghelli Canada Inc. manufactures and distributes emergency and lighting products throughout Canada. They are dedicated to supplying the North American market with the most advanced, reliable and energy savings products available.

Beghelli Acciaio Eco 

Beghelli is pleased to announce the newest edition to the Acciaio® Family – The Acciaio® Eco 

ECOlogical? YES!

ECOnomical? YES!

The Acciaio® Eco is built with a 24 ga. steel housing, diffused tempered glass lens and polycarbonate end-caps. The gasketed entry points ensure the IP66 integrity of the luminaire against any ingress from moisture or dust.

The goal of the Acciaio’s energy saving design is to obtain the maximum light levels, decrease the overall consumption and reduce the number of luminaires to be installed and maintained.

In addition to saving enegry, the Acciaio® also saves you time both in installation and maintenance. Every Acciaio sold is shipped with a weather-tight connector and 72” of cabtire so the installer does not have to open the luminaire. When it comes time for regular maintenance, you can remove the internal rail system containing the LED modules and driver to service.

 Acciaio ECO


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