Synapse Wireless Presents Facility Performance Optimization Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

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September 14, 2022

Synapse Wireless, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) company, and a member of the McWane family of companies, will exhibit their SimplySnap Facility Performance Optimization solutions at two upcoming tradeshows, including the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago September 11 to 17 (Booth #135575), and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) World Energy Conference & Expo in Atlanta, September 21-23 (Booth 212).

The company will be demonstrating how teams can improve the performance of their manufacturing facilities with the capabilities built into its Energy Management and Equipment Uptime solutions with SimplySnap This intuitive control platform provides management teams with the systems and analytics required to execute and monitor sustainability initiatives across departments, facilities, divisions, and the overall enterprise.

The SimplySnap platform for Energy Management allows the facility to use standards-based software protocols and hardware interface devices to connect to existing equipment like HVAC systems, air compressors, paint booths, welders, furnaces, CNC machines, motors, pumps, and other process equipment. The approach pinpoints and documents energy-saving outcomes across facilities and the entire enterprise.

“Imagine if you had one metric to track your energy improvements across the entire corporation. One metric that worked across all your production facilities regardless of what you make or when you make it. And what if a platform could provide valuable energy reduction insights across all your facilities, all your departments, and even equipment,” stated Jamie Britnell, Director of Product Marketing. “With our Facility Performance Optimization platform, that’s what Synapse now provides. Without a massive infrastructure upgrade, we provide Energy Management, Equipment Uptime, and Lighting Management solutions that adapt to our customer’s organization, facilities, and equipment – as they are today.”

The SimplySnap Equipment Uptime solution allows the facility to reduce unplanned downtime. SimplySnap uses industrial sensors, and connectivity hardware to connect to critical equipment to monitor running state, temperature, vibration, air pressure, and other data to analyze when equipment is outside of normal operations.

“When equipment downtime impacts production the cost of lost productivity is far greater than the equipment repair or replacement. Reducing the time to identify equipment issues helps keep small problems from becoming larger problems that lead to major equipment damage, expensive repairs, or impacts to production,” stated Britnell. “These improvements drive management teams to normalize energy goals, optimize productivity, and enhance profitability across all facilities.”

SimplySnap is built on a scalable, and secure wireless mesh network. The platform provides connectivity to critical equipment around the facility, regardless of age or vendor. By using the Sense 4-20, the battery-powered wireless sensor interface, end users can integrate with other hardware and software solutions that already exist in the factory. This allows the facility manager to acquire a quick and economical way to pursue sustainability initiatives than with vendor-specific or wired monitoring solutions.

“Our facility performance optimization approach provides a reliable, scalable, and simple platform to reduce energy consumption and drive smart business decisions.” Britnell continued, “The best part? SimplySnap supports multi-site management through the cloud interface, allowing you to control all your locations with a single log-in.”

Explore Synapse Lighting Control and Facility Performance Optimization solutions.


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