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Nov 12, 2017

Opus Automation, founded in 1998 and based in Ancaster, Ontario, provides robotic and automation solutions throughout Canada and the USA. The company was created by Peter Young, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University, where he continued to work as a research engineer and was responsible for the implementation of Canada’s first university-based robotics research facility.

Opus Automation has grown to service various industry sectors, and continues to push the boundaries of robotics and automation in factories across North America. OPUS offers a variety of solutions for palletizing, robotic case packing, machine tending, and pick and place systems that deliver increased efficiency and profitability, reduced labour costs, improved safety conditions, full system integration, and long-term automation partnership, leading technology in controls and software and reliable mechanical designs.

To meet these solutions and ensure they provide the best option and service to clients they maintain a team that is fully certified and has broad knowledge of robotic automation, mechanical design software (SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia, Fides), knowledge of CAD and simulate software, and of course a university/college degree and/or diploma in a major engineering field (mechanical design or automation).

With automation on the rise in Canada, the systems provided by Opus are in high demand, particularly as they are providing solutions that will continue to advance the various capabilities in plant automation. While they have the capability and do work in a variety of industries, Opus has recently focused its energy in providing services that offer the absolute state of the automation art. These industries include automotive, plastics and glass, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, and general industrial applications.

Opus is currently advancing palletizing and depalletizing technology as an important facet of plant automation. The company has the flexibility and skill to design robotics and control systems to palletize and depalletize cases of just about any size or shape. Their systems are easy to operate, require minimal maintenance, and use precision case handling to reduce product damage. Furthermore, they reduce heavy lifting that can result in workplace injuries, are easily integrated with upstream/downstream equipment, and can be utilized for multiple case orientations.

Opus also has the ability to ensure your cases are properly packed before they are palletized for mobility. Opus’ case packing abilities focus on flexibility of operation, and provide a user-friendly interface which can be designed and built for implementation in large facilities or where space is limited. They have the agility to facilitate multiple products and packaging styles at a rapid pace, and can integrate with existing packing systems that reduce labour costs and increase productivity.

Machine tending has also recently received additional focus by Opus’ team. Machine tending is typically a very labour intensive and repetitive position that is ideally suited for automation where consistency and efficiency are essential. Opus has met this need with the development of their end of arm tool design and system, which can handle parts in a wide range of positions and orientations while maintaining absolute precision. The system increases speed, improves quality of production, minimizes errors, has improved ergonomics, lowers the overhead cost of traditional machine tending, and has 24/7 machine tending capabilities.

The final primary focus of Opus has been the focus of plant automation since the rise of advanced robotics and system integration. Opus has a substantial focus on the automated applications of pick and place machinery across multiple industries. In particular they have a specialized pick and place industrial robot system that provides faster processing, consistency and accuracy, increased production rates, increased output, and higher savings overall. The ability to move objects of various sizes and weights on a factory line is becoming increasingly desirous in Canada, and Opus is focused on serving this industry.

Find out more about Opus: www.opusautomation.com

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