Eaton’s Halo Home Smart Lighting System


August 27, 2018

Simple. Secure. Smart.

Wirelessly control your lights from anywhere in your home.

Smart lighting is the new standard.

HALO Home is a flexible new approach to smart home lighting. Our system offers a range of Bluetooth fixtures, controls and accessories that work seamlessly together. From a single light to an entire home, your smart lighting search starts and ends here.

Halo Home provides Smart lighting solutions for the whole home.

Today, homeowners expect lighting that fits their lifestyle. The HALO Home system lets you easily build a lighting plan that meets your needs by enhancing home HaloHome_phone screen_group1.jpgsecurity, energy savings and aesthetics. No internet or hub required.

Set the scene and access lights via the HALO Home app on a smart device, with options for dimming, color adjustment, on/off functions and automatic scheduling.

Save energy with the ability to group, dim, and schedule an entire home’s lighting, HALO Home helps cuts back on wasted energy and money.

Boost security with HALO Home, to time their indoor and outdoor lighting to automatically turn on when they need it, with full control from anywhere with the Internet Access Bridge.

HALO Home offers lots of control options – from Bluetooth in-wall wired switches to Bluetooth-enabled wireless “anyplace” controls, user-friendly mobile apps, web application, or all the above. No internet connection or hub is required to get started; you can easily configure the lights using Bluetooth connection and any smart device. For customers who want to on-the-go control and Amazon Alexa, there’s the option to connect the Internet Access Bridge.

 Kitchen2.jpgThe days of walking across the room to turn on a light are long gone. You can do this (and much more) from your phone, with our easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android.

No internet or hub is needed to get started. The app saves the user’s preferences and settings to their device, so programming goes off without a hitch — with or without the Internet, or even having the phone nearby.

And for those who want to control it all from anywhere, there’s the Internet Access Bridge. This allows for global access and 24/7 clock synchronization via the home’s wireless network and the option to add voice control with Amazon Alexa.

Halo Home offers a complete solution with its Smart Lighting Fixtures, including the  Halo Home RL smart downlight and a range of  security flood and motion fixtures.

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