FLEXTHERM – Proudly Canadian, Uniquely Focused

EIN Flextherm 400

Sept 13, 2019

Flextherm was founded in 1991 by current company President, Philippe Charron. For more than 25 years, Flextherm has focused solely on floor heating systems, and they take their role as an industry leader very seriously. That sole focus on floor heating systems gives their customers confidence Flextherm’s efforts to provide top quality floor heating systems are not diluted by other endeavors.

A proudly Canadian company, Flextherm was a key player in developing the floor heating systems technology utilized in the current industry landscape. Since that point, they have continuously increased product lines and continued to innovate. Paying close attention to the market has resulted in a reliable, durable products with a long-lasting design.

A key aspect to their success has been an ability to identify and retain high-quality individuals, allowing them to reach and perhaps even surpass their objectives as a company. Along with their ‘meticulous’ productions team, they have established a network of ‘FLEXpert’ installers and ‘FLEXboutik’ stores. The goal being to provide a unique customer experience.

Flextherm’s cables and mats are entirely manufactured in their 50,000 sq. ft. Quebec facility. They have a strict focus on quality control. Their quality management system has been ISO certified since 2009.


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