Victorian Style LampThe incandescent lamp has been in the average household for more than 120 years and this technology has long proven to be reliable, easy to use and part of a cozy and inviting environment. Incandescent lamps provide the best possible colour rendering which serves as the colour standard by which all other lamps are measured. Not only do they offer aesthetics and flexibility, they also do not require a ballast or transformer; they are dimmable and function well even if exposed to heat or moisture.

Perfect for retro-chic inspired lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs and wiring to clear glass fixtures, which once paired with Victorian style lamps, instantly create a warm industrial look.

STANDARD has now a full line of Victorian style lamps which feature a classic filament design and a distinctive glow.

Those traditional light bulbs have a low initial cost and an absence of toxic materials like mercury, toxic alloys or semiconductors, at time of disposal at the end-of-life of the lamp.

The Victorian style lampsare versatile as they can be used for homes, restaurants, retail stores and offices.

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