Legrand Introduces Feature-Rich Wattstopper DLM 0-10V Dimming Room Controller

April 22 2016

Legrand, North America’s new room controllers offer building owners the option of improved monitoring and save contractors time and money. As the foundation of the digital lighting management (DLM) platform, these installation friendly room controllers simplify code mandated multi-level control requirements and integration into intelligent buildings.
The LMRC-110 series enables quicker installations, supports metering, and adds more flexibility for LED lighting and 0-10V dimming. New capabilities and options in the LMRC-110 series include:

• knockout mounting for fast, easy installation and wiring
• both Class 1 pigtails and Class 2 terminals for 0-10V (Patent Pending)
• galvanic isolation between Class 1 and Class 2 0-10V connections
• works with new flex cables that bundle load and 0-10V wiring
• tie down loop for low voltage cable strain relief
• optional “-M” versions with current and voltage monitoring with accuracy of +/- 2%
• US product versions are available for BAA and TAA compliant projects
• requires LMCS 4.5.1, Segment Manager 2.1.23, or LMCT 5.24 (or later)
• compatible with all DLM system products

Like all DLM load controllers, the LMRC-110 series allows integration of Wattstopper occupancy sensors, daylighting sensors, and switches for a complete energy efficient lighting control solution. It also features Plug n’ Go and Push n’ Learn for automatic configuration and easy personalization. The product meets California Title 24 requirements and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 (2010)/IECC (2012) for occupancy and dimming control in commercial applications.

Find out more: www.wattstopper.com/products/digital-lighting-management/load-controllers/lmrc-11x.aspx#.VxeR84-cHIW

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