Standard Commercial LED Downlights — LCR Series

February 8, 2017

Standard’s architectural LED Retrofit Solution is your best solution for an easy conversion of existing downlights to energy efficient LED. In less than 5 minutes, easily replace CFL, HID or incandescent fixtures in 6″, 8″ or 10″ sizes without removing the existing frame. This series is the perfect solution for office, retail, hospitality and institutional type applications.

With the LCR series’ 50,000 hour life, you will no longer need to periodically replace the ballast of your recessed luminaires. In addition, the recessed luminaires are dust-proof with an IP40 rating.

Modernize your space and enhance the quality of the lighting with a clear and bright LED light. Its design allows for a wide beam angle for easy overlap and even light distribution without compromising a glare-free environment. The productivity will improve as well as the comfort of the users.

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