Ideal’s Circuit Tracing with SureTrace

Ideal Suretrace

Apr 30, 2017

For many network and data cable installers, tracing UTP cables often relies upon trial and error and can be disruptive, as well as costly in terms of labour and customer downtime. To streamline and simplify this task, the SureTrace® Circuit Tracer from IDEAL Industries can be used alongside IDEAL Networks testers.

To trace a UTP cable, a network or data cable installer plugs the inductive clamp into the battery pack and clamp this over the UTP cable being traced. The battery pack is then hung on the rack using a magnetic strap. Once the unit is turned on and receiving a strong signal, the installer can then go to the rack where the other end of the cable is and slowly scan the area with the receiver. The cable can then be easily identified as it will be emitting the strongest signal.

“To ensure efficient installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, this unique circuit tracer is an essential piece of kit for all network and data cable installers, perfect to use alongside IDEAL Networks testers,” concludes Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager at IDEAL Networks.

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