Nemalux RS Industrial LED

Nemulax RS Industrial LED

Dec 14, 2018

 The RS is designed to compete and outperform with 400 Watt Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium fixtures in brightness with the advantage of using half the electricity. The ideal choice for hazardous areas including oil & gas facilities, portable light towers and a variety of vessels and heavy duty equipment with the use of spot and flood light optics. Mounting choices include wall pack, high bay, low bay, pole mount and remote junction box. Through countless hours of design, prototyping, testing
and refinements, the RS was born. Using industry
leading CAD and simulation software our engineers and industrial designers were able to produce a fixture that not only exceeds the performance of a conventional 400W fixture but goes further to create a fixture that can meld into all applications requiring high lumen output while maintaining a hazardous rating and robustness. The RS is the most adjustable, adaptable and versatile fixture on the market for hazardous locations. With application requirements including Wall Pack, High-Bay/Low-Bay, Pole and Remote mounting, the RS is truly up to the task for your lighting needs. Utilizing the reversible mounting arms, a multitude of angle alignments in 15° increments allow for 360° rotation.

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