Electrix Illuminations High Performance Aimable Asymmetric LED Luminaires

Electrix Asymmetric

Feb 10, 2019

Electronix Illuminations’ i400 Aimable Asymmetric high performance optical design provides powerful asymmetric distribution for indirect linear perimeter lighting. Provide reflected ceiling light from discrete coves or from uplighting on walls; highlight interior facades, cornices and vaults from behind ledges; throw light from floating ceilings or pockets onto signage.

Its pivoting optical head allows field aiming for uplighting or downlighting flexibility to increase visual depth and sculpting of room. Optional cross shielding louver provides glare control for shallow sight lines where luminaire is partially exposed. Extruded aluminum construction. Satin anodized finish.

  • Optical assembly pivots on driver housing to provide 90° aiming adjustment in 5° increments
  • Asymmetric distribution provides peak beam angle at 105°
  • High transmissivity (92%) injection molded optic provides superior uniformity
  • Efficacy 101.0 lm/W
  • Standard power option provides up to 764 lumens/ft. at 7.6 watts/ft.
  • High power option at 10.5 watts/ft.
  • 50,000 hrs. @ 70% lumen maintenance
  • Driver compartment accessible for maintenance
  • Easy installation with plug and power and connection cables
  • Integral power supply design. Order power cable accessories separately

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