New NX1 Controller Provides OPC UA & SQL for IIoT Applications and Easy Integration with Quality and Safety Management

EIN Omron NX1 400

May 21, 2019

Take a step towards the factory of the future with an ultra compact machine automation controller that packs an impressive array of functionality into a single hardware unit. Built to address needs for scalable, flexible and digital manufacturing, NX1 is the latest addition to the NJ/NX controller family. It is a pint-sized device that improves communication between IT systems and key processes such as machine control, secure information transfer, quality management and safety.


  • OPC UA server and SQL database connectivity for IIoT applications
  • Three industrial Ethernet ports (Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT)
  • Up to 12 axes of motion control and significant IO expansion capabilities
  • Multicore technology for processing data without hampering control performance
  • Easy integration with quality and safety management

Machine control doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes place in tandem with numerous other processes, and Omron built the NX1 to reflect this reality.

Using a special multicore technology to process valuable data without compromising control performance, the NX1 helps manufacturers improve predictive maintenance, create flexible production lines and boost productivity.

The NX1 uses Omron’s Sysmac Studio, a fully integrated software solution for machine automation.

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