ASCO Offers Versatile Surge Protector Ideal for Control Panels and Point-Of-Use Applications

EIN NP ASCO 400series 400

Jully 11, 2019

ASCO Power Technologies offers its Model 420 surge protective device for point-of -use applications. This device is especially suited for use in commercial facilities, in industrial control panels, and in traffic and transportation applications. The Model 420 mitigates transient overvoltages using individually fused Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistors (TPMOV). Its features are detailed in the product overview videowebpage, and brochure.

“A temporary overvoltage can activate SPD components without opening an overcurrent protection device,” states ASCO Product Manager, Bob Behl. “The TPMOV protects against thermal runaway, preventing damage by subsequent transients.” The Model 420 product brochure details the associated technology and specifications.

Three mounting options include a standard ¾”-14 nipple, DIN-Rail, or a Bracket Mount for flat surfaces. The unit features an LED that indicates whether the SPD is working. The LED can be viewed from a variety of angles to accommodate all mounting options.

The Model 420 is rated for 50kA per phase, and is available for 120 to 600-volt applications. It is also available at 100kA per phase for 120 and 277-volt systems. It comes with a standard 10-year warranty, and meets the performance and safety standards established by the 4th Edition of UL 1449. It meets UL 96A Lightning Protection Master Label requirements and those of ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2002, C62.41.2-2002, C62.45-2002, C62.62-2010 and C62.72-2016. It is RoHS compliant and ISO 17025:2005 Certified.

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