Prescolite Introduces LITEISTRY Architectural Downlighting

LDS Liteistry hubble 400

July 19, 2019

Architectural lighting uses illumination to define space, highlight materials and orchestrate how individuals experience the environment. Unless used as a decorative element, it’s critical the luminaires used to achieve these solutions don’t inadvertently become the focus and detract from the intent of the design.

This was the guiding principle for the engineers at Prescolite, when they set out to create the new LITEISTRYArchitectural Downlighting product family.

The LITEISTRY Architectural Downlighting product family offers a broad palette of luminaires that provide consistency in appearance and performance – complementing the solution, not becoming the focus.

LITEISTRY features a vast array of options with round and square aperture shapes in 3″, 4″ and 6″ covering downlighting, wall wash, adjustable accent and cylinder solutions. Four different beam distributions, a wide range of lumen outputs and 27 reflector finish/color combinations provide additional freedom to explore possibilities with renewed confidence that the right luminaire option is available to ensure a coordinated visual across the entire project.

Optical Performance

A common chip-on-board (“COB”) LED is used across the LITEISTRY portfolio, providing up to 2000 delivered lumens in the 3″ downlight and 9,000 delivered lumens for the 6″ downlight. The use of common LED source ensures 2-Step McAdam Ellipse color consistency and either 80+ or 90+ CRI across all options.

Along with a quiet aperture, the optical design delivers a wide range of beam distributions with high efficacies. These distributions are carried across the downlights and cylinder products to again provide consistency in performance.

The adjustable accent solutions provide up to 35° vertical and 362° horizontal rotation with translating center beam optics to ensure the beam is always aimed through the center of the aperture. This enhances performance on the wall and eliminates glare at the aperture.

Additional Features and Benefits of LITEISTRY include:

  • Downlight and Cylinder beam distributions include Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide
  • Wall Wash options include Single, Double, Corner and Lensed
  • Adjustable beam distributions include Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide
  • Five finish reflector options – Specular, Semi-Specular, American Matte™, SoftSheen™ and Softglow®
  • Seven color options – Clear, Champagne Gold, Black, Light Wheat, Pewter, Painted White and Painted Black
  • Four flange options – Reflector, Painted White, Painted Black and Flush Mount
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
  • 0-10V (1% and < 1%), DMX (<0.1%), DALI (1%), Lutron Hi-Lume 2-wire and Hi-Lume EcoSystem (1%) dimming options
  • Non-IC, IC, Chicago Plenum Rated, Remodel and Retrofit housing options
  • UL924 compliant with integral and remote emergency lighting options
  • SpectraSync Color Tuning Technology (Dim to Warm and Tunable White) available
  • NX Distributed Intelligence wired and wireless controls capability available
  • PowerHUBB capability available for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications

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