Feb 14, 2020

EIN PAM EPLAN 400The ultimate assessment platform to discover bottleneck issues within your engineering and manufacturing processes and see real-world solutions with time and costs savings instantly.

Panel builders operate in an exceedingly tough competitive market, which means that reducing time spent on designs and excluding errors and reworks - in other words - keeping costs down - is of paramount importance. But, how can you meet this challenge? If these are just a few of your issues there is a solution:

By closely collaborating with their customers, EPLAN have benchmarked several panel and machine builders by evaluating workflows and the time taken to produce a single unit, and have found that the majority of panel builders in the USA and UK are working manually. Therefore, there is a need for action to shift from manual to semi-automated engineering. By introducing automation technologies and integrating engineering and production processes, panel builders can benefit from an increase in productivity, shorter project turnaround times, cost savings and improvements in product quality.

Request your Free PAM Assessment

EPLAN are offering free assessments to panel builders which aims to identify bottlenecks in design and manufacturing and with the information EPLAN have collated from the aforementioned customer study, they can advise on how you can save time, reduce scrap and simplify the production of panels dramatically. The free assessment includes:

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