Thermon General Purpose Remote Distribution Center (RDC)

Thermon RDC

Oct 20, 2020

Dual voltage panel consists of back side panel equipped with 480/600 VAC breakers and Plug & Play connectors for 600 VAC loads such as welding machines and area lighting. Front side of dual voltage panel can handle up to 12 duplex receptacles fed from GFCI breakers, 3 twist lock receptacles also fed from breakers in the adjacent 225 amp distribution panel. Additional 120/208 VAC breakers can be added as required.

Plug & Play connections used for Master and Slave panels in adjacent work areas.

Plug & Play connectors that can be energized or de-energized under load i.e. “make” or “break” (no need for time consuming isolation practices)

Up to 75 kVA transformer, 3R, various voltage options.

Aluminum enclosure with pad lockable doors, powder coated finish and stainless steel hardware.

Engineered steel stand with lifting lugs and fork lift friendly.

Optional protective roof and convenience lights available.

Outdoor rated and ULc approved.

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