Feb 8, 2021

EIN GCFI USB outlet 400Legrand has released the first all-in-one GFCI USB Outlet.

The outlet includes USB connections for both traditional USB Type-A and the newer USB Type-C, meaning it can support adapter-free charging for the latest mobile devices, while uniquely fitting all projects from renovations to new builds.

Automatically self-testing at the rate of every 3 seconds, the outlet provides users with extra assurance that it is always ready to protect. Plus, as a point-of-use GFCI solution, users can resolve trips right where they happen with just the push of a button, avoiding the potential confusion or hassle of running to the breaker box.

The radiant GFCI USB Outlet is also backed by Legrand’s robust network of support, including product specifications, installation instructions, troubleshooting tips and a dedicated team to answer any questions. Available in classic colors as well as metallics.

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