May 20, 2021

Legrand RFBA Series FloorRFBA Series Floor Boxes are newly redesigned for maximum efficiency throughout an entire building, bringing versatile recessed activations for power and data services to open space areas or directly to workstations. One consistent design makes every project installation quick and efficient.

No matter what size you choose, components and accessories work across the entire line interchangeably. Simply mix-and-match as needed for your project. Improved wire and cable routing makes wire pulling much easier in adjacent compartments and around corners. Available in 2-, 4-, 6- and 10-gang models with a variety of covers, colors and profiles. 2- and 4-gang shallow boxes accept a 1” conduit feed, while all standard boxes accept a 2” conduit feed. Every box configuration is available in either a standard zinc-plated construction or a lightweight “slab-on-grade” finish with fusion-bonded epoxy corrosion resistant paint. Installs in tile, stone, carpet, terrazzo, wood and polished concrete. Fully adjustable before and after the concrete pour. Perfect for bringing power connections to a variety of commercial applications like schools, financial institutions, commercial offices, hospitality spaces and also residential applications.

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