Phoenix Contact: Adapter Sleeves for Heavy-Duty Connectors – Easy and Pluggable Cable Entry

EIN Phoenix HCCES Adapter Sleeves

April 4, 2022

HC-CES adapter sleeves allow you to easily route a large number of cables for signal, data, and power transmission into your control cabinet via just one pluggable interface. The adapters are a convenient alternative to connections with cable gland or corrugated pipe adapter.

Your advantages

  • Easy and time-saving connection of several different cables in a single connection
  • Tailored interface: easy modular configuration of various transmission media in a single connection
  • Greater flexibility: Cables can easily be extended or replaced at a later date
  • Easy mounting on panel-mount bases of sizes B16 and B24
  • Reliable connection: Secure seal and strain relief

Main features

  • Adapter sleeve material: PA
  • Color: Black
  • Flammability rating: V0
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Integrated strain relief
  • Sizes: B16 and B24
  • For modular and fixed-position contact inserts

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