Klein Tools Launches New Thermal Imagers for Phones

EIN Klein Tools Phone Thermal Imagers

August 4, 2022

Klein Tools introduces new phone Thermal Imagers, one for Android® Devices and one for iOS Devices, both designed to capture, store and share thermal images and videos.

Thermal Imagers for Android® and iOS Devices

  • Thermal Imager for Android® Devices (Cat. No. TI220) and Thermal Imager for iOS Devices (Cat. No. TI222)
  • Thermal Imagers have 10,800 pixels to deliver excellent resolution for troubleshooting hot and cold spots
  • Capture, store and share thermal images and video, including time lapse video
  • View temperature ranges from -4° to 725°F (-20° to 400°C)
  • Features touch screen temperature, high/low temperatures, and differential temperature readout
  • Includes high/low temperature alarms to monitor systems
  • Three color palettes; ironbow, rainbow or grayscale
  • Durable 6.6-Foot (2m) drop test protection
  • CE and UKCA certified

“Klein Tools’ new Thermal Imagers are perfect for dectecting hot spots in panels and on wiring, helping find sources of energy loss within a home or buidling, helping detect moisture behind walls and flooring, finding clogs in pipes, and much more,” says Sabrina Kalsi, product manager at Klein Tools. “The Klein Tools Thermal Imager App (availabe for free on both Google Play™ and the Apple App Store) allows you to capture, store and share thermal images and videos easily and on the go using just your phone.”

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