Synapse Wireless Expands Sports Lighting Sollution

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September 7, 2022

Synapse Wireless, Inc. recently expanded their sports lighting solution with advanced Dynamic Effects and an all-in-one cellular service plan for remote connectivity.

The SimplySnap sports lighting solution can be deployed at municipal or school sports facilities as a stand-alone solution that does not require Internet access. For larger applications or campus-wide deployments, SimplySnap also supports a cloud-enabled service, providing control of up to 10,000 lights that can be remotely accessed through the facility’s existing network or with a cellular connection. With this solution release, Synapse now provides sports facility personnel a single bundled option for the SimplySnap cloud service and a cellular connectivity plan that enables remote access, putting control and management of the facility’s lights back into the hands of the coaches and staff. Common applications for the sports lighting solution include small to large gymnasiums, arenas, stadiums, fields, and tennis courts and can be expanded to include site & area lights, parking decks, and pathways.

Beginning with SimplySnap Release 12.3 and in conjunction with supported LED luminaires, sports facility managers can now add color-based dynamic effects and customized scenes to their venue. Dynamic effects with color add the ability to create light shows that enable the lights to flash, in customized color combinations. Additionally, the added support for color supports the ability to configure customized scenes, such as flooding the field with the school colors or washing the arena floor in the colors of the flag for the national anthem.

“Many small stadium and arena customers would like the capability to produce lighting effects during events to increase the excitement and experience for their fans without the exorbitant costs and wiring of complex DMX control systems. With this new feature in SimplySnap, facility managers, and OEM lighting companies can now offer their customers an upgraded experience,” stated Jamie Britnell, Director of Product Marketing for Synapse Wireless.
SimplySnap features the ability to manage the lighting control solution experience via mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers. There is no need to make a phone call to a third-party provider for them to change schedules or turn on and off lights.

Four options will be available with the release including:

  • Local Sports Lighting: For basic sports lighting applications, customers can choose a stand-alone system without Dynamic Behaviors.
  • Local Sports Lighting with Dynamic Behaviors: For sports lighting applications that require special lighting effects, customers can choose a stand-alone system with Dynamic Behaviors.
  • Sports Lighting Cloud with Dynamic Behaviors: For larger sports facilities with multiple site controllers, Dynamic Behaviors, and the need for remote access.
  • Sports Lighting Cloud with Advanced Features: Building off the Sports Lighting Cloud with Dynamic Behavior option, the LM-SPORTPRO cloud application will include new capabilities like RGBAW Color Control, Color Dynamic Behaviors, and Color Fade.

Britnell continued, “SimplySnap provides a proven, reliable lighting solution that is simple to use. Our intelligent lighting system can scale from a small local deployment at a single ballfield to cloud-enabled control of multiple venues across a large city or college campus. Sports facility managers now have unprecedented lighting control in their arenas and ball fields, but also will have visibility and control over outdoor areas such as surface parking and garages. With SimplySnap, facility managers can outfit their space with a connected system that is easy-to-configure, easy-to-use, and easy-to-upgrade to take advantage of new capabilities in the future.”

Sports lighting manufacturers can easily embed the SimplySnap sports lighting solution into their LED luminaires by selecting from the wide portfolio of lighting controllers from Synapse. The DIM10-087-06 family of controllers work with D4i or Fast Dimming 0-10V drivers; the new Zhaga Book 18 compatible ZHA-S1 controller is used with certified D4i drivers.

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