Nova Scotia and British Columbia Collaborate on Tidal Energy

Tidal Power


A renewed partnership between Nova Scotia and British Columbia will advance Canada’s marine renewable energy industry.

A memorandum of understanding, signed by representatives from both provinces, outlines key priorities, including partnering on research and technology development, and sharing information and best practices in regulation and permitting.

“To advance Canada’s position as a leader in marine renewable energy, we need a co-ordinated approach — one that unites our country from coast to coast,” said Energy Minister Michel Samson. “Nova Scotia’s partnership with B.C. will do just that, providing access to more information and helping build our national expertise in marine renewable energy to maximize the opportunity for Canada.”

The memorandum represents a commitment from both provinces to further develop the tidal resource in the Bay of Fundy and wave-generated energy on British Columbia’s west coast.

B.C. companies and universities are actively involved in Nova Scotia marine renewable energy research including a study that will look at the impact of turbulent marine environments on tidal technology. More information can be found here


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