Bender Inc. Launches New Line of Medical Products

EIN CS 26 Bender medical 400

June 19, 2019

Bender Inc., a company operating in electrical safety system monitoring and fault location detection, has launched a new line of medical products.

NFPA 99 and CSA Z32 standards require isolated power systems (often referred to as “IPS”) to be in all areas deemed “wet procedure locations” in healthcare facilities. Bender’s new isolated power panels adhere to these standards and are specifically engineered for healthcare facilities with a modular design, enabling the system to be easily upgraded after initial installation.

Isolated power systems offer an invaluable advantage – early detection of ground faults allowing for critical systems to remain online in a single-fault condition. Utilizing the newest technology and complying with the latest standards and code requirements, Bender‘s equipment ensures that electrical ground faults are detected and located quickly and automatically.

Redesigned based on evaluations of previous models, Bender’s new isolated power panels are now able to be easily upgraded and enhanced in the field. In addition, these modular systems offer the following benefits and optional add-on features*:

  •   Circuit breaker kit designed as modular system allowing for easy future system upgrading; adjustable electronic trip options available for achieving 0.1s system coordination
  •   System load monitoring through STW series current transformer that measures the total load current of the isolated power system with alarms when reaching system capacity*
  •   Communication gateway provides integrated web server for viewing status and changing settings; provides Modbus RTU and TCP gateway for BMS integration*
  •   Fault location system locates ground faults quickly and automatically for individual branch circuits while the system remains energized (no opening breakers required)*
  •   Branch circuit load monitoring tracks load current of each branch circuit with individually adjustable alarm levels available*
  •   Receptacle and ground jack section provides hospital grade power receptacles and ground jacks directly at panel front*
  •   New lift-off barrel hinge completely conceals hinge when closed, allowing for easy cleaning and prevention of small debris accumulation; mechanism allows the knuckle of the hinge system to easily slide in and out of backbox

With the introduction of Bender’s new product offerings, there will be a phase out of all previous panel models occurring over the course of the next year. Updates pertaining to this phase out will be available at

In conjunction with the release of the new isolated power panel, Bender will be expanding its service offerings for these systems. Services will include maintenance and retrofitting of obsolete equipment, troubleshooting of alarms, nationwide coverage from factory trained and authorized technicians, and much more.


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