EFC Renews Scholoarship Program for 2020

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Dec 13, 2019

By Jeff Jenkins

EFC members indicate Talent is the # 1 Game Changer in our industry. This is driven by retirements increasing over the next few years and the need for new young talent.

As my organization participates in the scholarship program, I have joined the EFC Scholarship Committee to grow the program to meet this talent need.

I encourage you to be part of the 2020 EFC Scholarship Program!

This program is packaged together to deliver the following:

Promote our industry and your organization at Canadian universities and colleges as a great employment destination.

Access to the student applicant database for recruitment.

Partner with specific schools by defining your own scholarship criteria at the $3,500 level. • Branding at both the $3,500 and $1,000 levels.

NEW- Opportunity to engage at the grassroots classroom level with a new partner, Riipen, that provides access to 3 in-class projects and branding on their school website.

Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility

Integration with the Young Professionals Network

To participate in this growing program, please advise John Jefkins, VP Member Engagement & Corporate Partnerships at jjefkins@electrofed.com choosing one of the following options:

1. $3,500 Scholarship with your own criteria and student selection. A $250 marketing fee is additional. 2. $1,000 for branding in the program. A $100 marketing fee is additional. 3. In addition to your scholarship selection, advise inclusion in the Riipen program at $1,000.

Thank you for your consideration in joining other EFC members in the Scholarship Program.

John Jefkins, VP of Member, Engagement & Corporate Partnerships Electro-Federation Canada

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