The Canadian Electricity Association Inspires Young Women in Energy at Exclusive Reception

March 17, 2020

In celebration of the 109th International Women’s Day, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) recently hosted their first emPOWERing Women reception and panel discussion. As the Canadian electricity industry undergoes a period of unprecedented transformation, CEA is proud to bring together female leaders for authentic conversation while shedding a light on the importance of inspiring and educating young women in energy.

The Canadian Electricity Association is continuously inspiring the conversation about gender diversity in the energy sector and re-emphasizing the Association’s commitment to Natural Resources Canada’s Equal by 30 initiative. As a leader in this conversation, CEA offered young women in energy an exclusive opportunity to have a meaningful and inspiring interactive session with female leaders in this sector.

“The most rewarding aspects of my experience in this sector revolves around the relationships I have built with other women in energy. I am extremely proud to represent a space that offers tremendous opportunities for women in many paths. Increasing diversity is the first step to a very exciting and innovative future in this industry”, commented Janice Garcia, Corporate Secretary and Director of Membership and Sustainability at CEA.

The panel discussion, moderated by Sarah Robinson, Director of Communications and Marketing at CEA, included Michelle Branigan, Chief Executive Officer of Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC); Lana Norton, Executive Director & Founder of Women of Powerline Technicians (Women of PLT), and Janice Garcia, Corporate Secretary and Director of Membership and Sustainability of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA). The discussion revolved around the panelists’ individual journeys, commitments and aspirations to increasing gender diversity, myths that exist for women in the sector, and more.

CEA re-affirmed their public commitment to promoting gender diversity within the organization by signing the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity developed by EHRC. “The Canadian Electricity Association is proud to officially be a signatory of EHRC’s Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity. By signing this Accord, we are publicly committed to continuing to create a more diverse workplace and, thereby a more diverse sector”, noted Janice Garcia, Corporate Secretary and Director of Membership and Sustainability at CEA.

“We created the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity as a tool to inspire united action to support and advance women in the workforce. We believe that organizations who take the lead in creating a culture of equality and fairness will open their doors to a wider pool of top talent. Making real change is only possible when we work together. We commend the CEA, another leading, national organization, for their leadership on signing” stated Michelle Branigan, Chief Executive Officer, Electricity Human Resources Canada.


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