May 29, 2020

EIN WNNRT 400EFC’s Women’s Network invites WN members to join the national webinar this June. This event will host a panel of industry leaders across Canada who play an important role in representing Women Working in an Electrical World.

EFC member companies employ over 42,000 workers from coast-to-coast in Canada. This is industry continues to evolve and thrive with the support of a talented workforce – many of whom are women, like you, that help power our changing world with your diverse skills, hard work and thought leadership.

Together with regional Women’s Network groups across Canada, we have gathered seven remarkable women for a roundtable discussion to share their experiences with:

• The skills & goals that got them to ‘their top’
• The people who helped them along the way; and 
• Leadership and the ‘new normal’ due to COVID-19

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