Sept 16, 2020

EIN ESA portal 400As part of ESA’s expanding online services, the new Plan Review Portal will provide more options for our customers and eliminate the need for electronic plans to be printed and sent in, helping to streamline the process and reducing paper submissions. 

Plan review for a proposed electrical installation is a review and audit for compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The plan review does not approve or certify electrical plans. The new portal will provide the means for uploading completed submission forms, drawings and all supporting documents to be sent to ESA electronically. It will also provide quick and direct access to the Plan Review notification number and have functionality for tracking a submission to see its current status. Submissions can be shared with other registered users in an organization who can also add documents, receive email notifications and view the status of the submission.

What is new?
Starting on September 14, 2020, plan review documents can be filed electronically. Existing ESA customers can email the ESA Plan Review department at:, indicating the name, email address and phone number of the individual they would like to be setup as their Electronic Plan Review online account Administrator. A member of the Plan Review team will then assist in setting up their new ESA online account. 

What will be the same?
Submissions that are not submitted via the Portal will continue to be processed under the previous system. Although customers are encouraged to use the Portal, the ESA will continue to accept email, fax and paper submissions until September 14, 2021.

Go HERE for more information on the new portal