Nexans Reinforces its Long Term Relationship with Enedis to Address Energy Transition Challenges on the French Distribution Grid

EIN Nexans Enedis

June 1, 2022

Nexans has been awarded a contract with a value of more than 100 million euro to supply Enedis with medium voltage power distribution cables and services for the next 4 years. This contract reinforces Nexans’ position in France as a long-term partner of Enedis and as a major player of sustainable electrification. 

The project combines technological innovation, environmental benefits, superior plant capability and digital services such as full deployment of ULTRACKER: Nexans’ digital supply chain solution based on the Internet of Things, enhanced artificial intelligence and cloud services.

In line with the continuous development of renewable energy in France, the contract includes an extended amount of EDR-MAX cables which are largely used to connect onshore wind and solar farms to the grid. These directly buried cables have demonstrated a reduced environmental impact and an improved total cost of ownership.

Environmental benefits, “Made in France” products and the introduction of a new generation of eco-designed medium voltage cables (NF C 33-226) that could reduce CO2 emissions up to 20%, were key to Enedis decision to choosing Nexans. In addition, in light of its industrial location in France, Nexans allows the customer to buy and be delivered in a short circuit, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the cable supply.

“Nexans’ contract with Enedis will further strengthen Nexans’ activities in our home market of France. Our partnerships are constantly being reinforced thanks to our industrial innovations and focus on doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of our projects. Nexans technologies continue to allow us to help our partners with cable solutions, securing Nexans position in France as the supplier of choice and opening the door for additional projects in the future.”

-Yvan Duperray, Executive Vice President of Nexans Power Distribution Cables & Accessories Business Unit

“The accelerating ecological transition is leading to active and sustainable growth in activity on the electricity networks. In order to guarantee the availability and quality of supply, Enedis needs to work closely with the industry. In this respect, Enedis is strengthening its ties with Nexans, considered as a “strategic” supplier in the cable sector. We already share with Nexans our major challenges on CSR issues such as eco-design, commitments to reduce CO2 emissions and recycling solutions. These innovations, combined with end-to-end quality control, allow us to secure capacity while ensuring product life cycle management.”

-Jérôme Bicail, Director of the Industrial Sector Division of Enedis


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