Alectra Inc.’s 2022 Annual ESG Report: Critical Investments in Electricity Grid, Communities and Environment Guide

June 28, 2023

Report features sustainable business initiatives addressing community needs 

Alectra Inc. releases its 2022 Annual Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) Report to highlight the company’s growth and critical investments in its sustainability programs. 

The 2022 Annual ESG Report is guided by a comprehensive materiality assessment to guide and prioritize the most significant ESG issues identified by more than 2,100 individuals who were surveyed by the company. 

Some key achievements highlighted by Alectra in the report include: 
  • Investing approximately $1.3 million in grassroots community programs through #AlectraCARES 
  • Contributing approximately $1.68 million to support the operations of local hospitals and health care 
  • Reducing corporate carbon emissions by approximately 23 per cent from the 2016 baseline 
  • Generating over 25 GWh of solar energy, enough to power 2,800 homes for one year 
  • Investing approximately $296 million in capital projects to support and modernize the grid 

“Our employees have done an outstanding job and they are to be congratulated. The service levels were maintained, customer satisfaction was improved, and financial performance was excellent,”

Norm Loberg, Chair, Alectra Board of Directors

“Our goal at Alectra is to emerge as leaders in the world of technological change by helping our customers discover the possibilities of sustainable power and energy solutions.” 

Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Inc

An additional feature accompanying our ESG Report, is our 2022 Alectra Green Energy & Technology (GRE&T) Centre Report entitled Where great minds collaborate to power a better tomorrow. As Alectra’s dedicated innovation hub, the GRE&T Centre is focused on digitalization, connecting customers through innovative pilots, exploring non-traditional options to modernize the energy grid and enabling clean transportation in our communities. 

View Alectra’s 2022 Annual ESG Report here, and 2022 Consolidated Financial Statements here and Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) here and see the (GRE&T) Centre Report here


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