The Alberta Trade Contractor Council Present: Prompt Payment Seminar Series

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June 6, 2022

3 – 1 hour sessions June 21, 22, 23, 2022

11am to 12 Noon (may run longer to address questions).

These sessions will provide detail required to help your business prepare to successfully operate within the rules of prompt payment legislation. Invoicing protocols, forms and notices, the process of adjudicating disputes, and what you need to know before this legislation is enacted on August 29th, 2022.

This legislation will dramatically impact the manner in which invoices are rendered, and will set mandatory time periods in which payments must be made to all parties involved in the construction chain.

Are you ready for these significant changes? On June 21, 22 and 23, @11 am, Join ATCC and Gowling WLG’s Construction Practice Group in Alberta invites you to join a complimentary webinar to help you understand the new legislation and its impact on your organization, including your administrative processes, contracts, bonding, financing, insurance and project delivery.

The webinar will include over 50 FAQs relating to prompt payment, builders’ liens and holdbacks, adjudication, consolidation, the transition period and what your organization can do to get prepared. It will also include a segment on lessons learned from other provinces who have prompt payment legislation already in place.

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Seminar #1: June 21

The Journey of a Trade Contractor’s Invoice

  • What is a proper invoice?
  • What must be included in your invoice
  • Adjusting your invoicing processes to meet new requirements
  • Follow the invoice & the money: Critical dates in the invoicing and payment process
  • Notice of disputed items, disbursement of partial payments
  • Notice of non-payment:
    • The obligations of the owner, the GC
    • The obligations and considerations of the Trade Contractor
  • Considerations: When should you pursue an adjudicated resolution
  • Review, questions, intro to next steps – Adjudication

Seminar #2: June 22

A Step by Step Guide to Dispute Adjudication  

  • What is adjudication? (Get this out of the way so we can get into the detail of when, what how adjudication happens.)
    • How does it work?
    • How much does it cost?
    • Who pays?
    • What is the timeline for the adjudication process.
  • Overview of payment cycle
    • Determining when you have a non-payment dispute
    • What types of payment disputes can be adjudicated
    • Considerations before you pursue adjudication
  • Initiating an adjudication to resolve a payment dispute
    • The role of a nominating authorities (NA)
    • Registering your dispute with the NA
    • Determination of an valid dispute
    • Selection of an Adjudicator
  • The process through to receiving the adjudicators written decision
    • What will adjudicator need from you
    • Review of the timelines
    • Review the adjudication process through to a writing decision
    • Paying the adjudicator
    • Registering the adjudicator’s decision
  • What happens once the adjudicators decision is delivered
    • Payment (depending on the decision)
    • Non-payment – What now?
  • Review, questions, intro to next steps – Contracts

Seminar #3: June 23

The evolution of contracts under prompt payment legislation

  • Review of enactment date of PP Legislation and what this means for contracts
  • Contract terms you want to see in new contracts
    • How these protect your ability to seek dispute resolution
  • Onerous contract clauses you will want to avoid
    • How these may limit your access to PP Legislation
  • Understanding invoicing requirements outlined in the contract
    • Adjust processes to avoid rejected invoices
    • What to do if your invoice is rejected
  • New Builders Lien Act – overview

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