Noncompliant Cable Used on Edwards Signaling Magnetic Switches

Edwards Signaling Magnetic Switches

January 4, 2023

Issue with Edwards Signaling Magnetic Switches

The Edwards Signaling magnetic switches defined in page 3 of the safety notice purchased between January 2020 to September 2021 do not meet the CSA C22.2 No. 49-18 / UL 508 requirement to have the SJTOW (Stranded Junior Thermoplastic, Oil and Weather resistant) cable jacket rating and may become brittle over time, which could result in exposing internal cables that may create a potential for personal injury or failure to report an open or closed state.

“As a responsible manufacturer for fire safety products, product safety is always our first priority. Given their life safety and property protection function, the performance and reliability of our products in your end-use applications are of paramount importance to us,” said the company in their release to customers who purchased the product.

Go HERE to download the safety notice for more detailed information

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