Grounded in Ontario: Part 2 of the Top Ten Most Common Defects with Trevor Tremblay

November 11, 2022

Trevor Tremblay, technical advisor at ESA, returns to finish the list of the most common defects recorded – and explains how LECs can be prepared to avoid them in their work

As a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC), your defect ratio is one of the factors in determining the risk ranking for risk based oversight. That’s why Trevor Tremblay, technical advisor at ESA, talks through some of the most common defects that ESA inspectors encounter in their inspections.

In part two of this series, host Karen Ras discusses the remaining most common defects with Trevor and gets his advice on how LECs can avoid them and learn the best safety practices for complex situations. They talk about everything from unapproved equipment to non-metallic cable wiring. 

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