December 5, 2021

Eplan EIN DEC7 ADVERTORIAL ArticlePhoto WEBSITE 400x275What is EPLAN?

One platform, multiple solutions – the Eplan Platform offers engineering software such as Preplanning for systematic preliminary planning, Electric P8 for preparing circuit diagrams and Pro Panel for 3D enclosure planning, all from a single source. Standardised interfaces and integration processes enable continuous data flows throughout the value chain, with additional links to various system solutions from Rittal.

This year, EPLAN has introduced its new EPLAN Platform 2022 to help address challenges in the design, engineering and manufacturing phases of the panel building process, with a solution that is more future proof, flexible and affordable than it has ever been in the past.

Here’s why the updated platform introduced by EPLAN this year is being considered by several companies looking to improve their engineering workflow.

Standardisation and automation lead to engineering success

Standardisation and automation lead to engineering success. In that respect, EPLAN has a distinct advantage when compared to other options typically used in the panel building shops. EPLAN is a market leader in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Software Solutions and unlike traditional CAD systems, CAE softwares can hold extensive amounts of engineering information in a central database.

This special feature facilitates the seamless data exchange throughout various engineering disciplines including hydraulics, pneumatics, instrumentation and mechanical design, easing communication between departments and reducing the likelihood of lost information.

Furthermore, this technology can combat some of the difficulties that arise in global organisations as it enables the integration of company-wide guidelines and standards. EPLAN users often boast of productivity increases of up to 80% due to the high level of automation functionalities that can be achieved.

Projects can be done faster and with higher quality

Did you know that the most time-intensive phase of a typical control panel is usually wiring? This step often takes up to 49% of the total time. Whilst wiring is the lengthiest process, it is also the stage which has the biggest opportunity to save time. Semi-automated and automated solutions from EPLAN can easily be implemented to save you time, improve quality, and reduce errors.

Working in the cloud helps improve collaboration between departments

EPLAN has increased the integration with cloud technologies on EPLAN ePULSE, including eVIEW, eMANAGE, eBUILD and the EPLAN Data Portal. Relying on the EPLAN cloud solutions now allows users to keep projects in a central location, with a single version that is always up to date. In addition, permissions can be managed for team members, organisations, and even customers, for access to projects via a web browser.

Is EPLAN Platform 2022 for you?

With EPLAN Platform 2022, changes have been introduced to help bring EPLAN to the hands of more users. From the improved user interface to flexible and cost-effective options, EPLAN is now much easier to integrate in organisations looking to review their processes.

Bring your challenges to the EPLAN Platform and find out how EPLAN can help.

For more information visit: EPLAN Platform 2022