Mar 3, 2019

Aeon LED LuminairesFlood lights spread light over a wide area, but they often must be mounted on high posts in order to do their job well. This means companies need to find options that require minimal maintenance and infrequent replacement. LED Flood Light Luminaires from AEON LED are the perfect solution to this need. If you are in the market for flood light replacements and want energy-efficient, minimal maintenance options that will last for years, trust AEON LED Luminaires.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs with AEON LED Luminaires 
These are the longest lasting LED luminaires on the market. They feature proprietary technology that keeps critical LED components cooler, which extends its lifespan significantly. They will last significantly longer than your traditional HID light sources, which means greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

The AEON LED Luminaires also deliver the highest efficacy in their class. AEON LED has several different models that deliver between 33,100 to 105,000 lumens with wattage options ranging between 230W to 750W, equivalent to 1,000W to 4,000W HID lighting sources.

AEON LED replacement flood light luminaires are designed to withstand the elements well. The weather-tight design is safe for use in all applications, including wet or seaside applications. Anywhere you need a flood light replaced, you can easily replace it with these reliable and efficient luminaries.

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