Apr 8, 2019

Legrand Decorative DimmerLegrand has launched the Wattstopper DCLV2 0-10V Decorator Dimmer that controls and dims low voltage lighting loads, including LED and fluorescent fixtures. The DCLV2 is ideal for LED lighting renovations, retrofits, and new construction projects.

The dimmer combines aesthetics and function and can meet advanced energy code requirements. Manual-On or Partial-On settings sets the DCLV2 apart from other dimmers. When paired with a Wattstopper ceiling sensor, such as the CI-Series passive infrared (PIR) sensor or DT-Series dual technology sensor and a Wattstopper BZ-150 power pack, the DCLV2 provides a code compliant solution to IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 standards.

Small and medium spaces are suited for this device including offices, conference rooms, training centers, and classrooms where load control is required from a single location.

Benefits and features:

Code compliant lighting controls simplify the process of meeting code especially as new standards have taken effect or will take effect in several cities and states including Wisconsin (IECC 2015); Nevada (IECC 2018); City of Philadelphia (IECC 2018); and Pennsylvania (IECC 2015). In addition to solutions like the DCLV2 dimmer, Legrand has developed design tools that contractors and electrical distributors can use to choose the right solution for their markets.

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