ILSCO’s Taskmaster tools: Harder working, Easier to use.

EIN Ilesco Task 400

April 10, 2019

Ultra-durable ILSCO TaskMaster cutters, crimpers and pumps are precisely engineered – and rigorously tested – to endure grueling use and harsh environments while delivering the power, speed, efficiency and ergonomics that make any job faster and easier.

These rugged TaskMaster tools will provide outstanding performance with consistent results, getting every job done, right on time, for years to come.

Solid body designs and robust components along with innovative features that protect from wear and extend life so these TaskMaster tools have what it takes to hang tough, day after day – even on the long, hard jobs.

To maximize work time and your company’s bottom line, TaskMaster tools are built to minimize maintenance time and costs. The durable components require fewer replacements and the life cycle between reconditioning is much longer. When maintenance is due, our no-hassle servicing features make it fast and easy.

The safety and reliability of a compression connection depends on the quality of the system design – the SureCrimp connector, ILSCO application die and TaskMaster tool that connects them.

ILSCO’s system design is guaranteed to provide a permanent, reliable, consistent and inspectable connection that is backed up by an industry-first FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. And our SureCrimp connectors have been tested and certified to UL and CSA for power, grounding and bonding applications with the TaskMaster tools. Not to mention, our die taking TaskMaster crimpers can crimp both circular AND non-circular connectors, an attribute in which competitor tools do not have.

TaskMaster tools are backed by the best service and support in the industry.

All TaskMaster tools registered in the TaskMasterPRO™ Service Protection Program will receive free tool repairs for defects in material or workmanship on their tool(s) for five years after their original purchase date. In addition, your registered tool qualifies for our Five-Day Repair Pledge. If your registered TaskMaster tool needs repair any time during the five years from your original purchase date, our TaskMasterPRO service network will repair it free of charge within five days of receipt.

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