Apr 15, 2019

Keysight scope 400For a limited time, you can get up to 25% off your purchase of a new Keysight InfiniiVision oscilloscope. InfiniiVision scopes give you measurements you can count on. They are built around trusted technology that gives you the fastest waveform update rates and the ability to quickly capture random glitches. The intuitive user interfaces and high-end software applications put automated measurements and accessible expertise at your fingertips.

Bandwidth is often regarded as the single most important oscilloscope specification. Higher-bandwidth oscilloscopes help you see more signal detail and measure higher-frequency analog signals and faster digital applications. Splurge on more bandwidth and your oscilloscope discount increases, giving you the ability to do better testing faster.

Receive a 15% discount (for ≤200 MHz bandwidths) or 25% discount (for ≥350 MHz bandwidths) on the following InfiniiVision oscilloscopes:

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