Columbia Lighting Introduces New Versify Architectural Edge-Lit Luminaire

LDS Versify 400

July 19, 2019

Columbia Lighting has announced the launch of Versify, a high-performance architectural edge-lit luminaire.

Versify was created with lighting designers and architects in mind, sporting a sleek look that enhances interior spaces. The color tunable luminaire is well-suited for commercial and architectural applications, fitting into any project where an elegant appearance and glare-free illumination from all viewing angles is intended as part of the design. 

Edge-lit Technology

The marketplace for LED troffers was founded on products that are dependent on direct lit LED designs. Market acceptance for these products have been significant with the transition to LED solutions in new construction and retrofit projects.

But popular doesn’t always equate to what’s best, and LED technology has advanced so rapidly that its become possible to improve on direct lit LED performance limitations related to glare and inconsistent illumination across the entirety of the lens surface.

Versify utilizes edge-lit technology to alleviate these limitations by creating consistent and comfortable illumination across the entirety of the surface. The result is a sleek, yet simple aesthetic. This technology enables the fixture to control the light while reducing shadows, ensuring high-output illumination with enhanced visual appeal. The optical design of Versify supports the ability for high-outputs without compromise to visual comfort.

Architectural Design

The design ambition of Versify is to blend in seamlessly with any architectural design. Clean architectural lines and elegantly tapered accent edges give the fixture minimalist appeal while the center strip accent provides subtle definition. A matte finish lens ensures the texture of Versify aligns with today’s design trends.

The minimalism direction applies to the business side of Versify as well. The 2″ deep frame is the shallowest of its kind in the edge-lit architectural category, which allows it to fit perfectly into any ceiling type without hassle. The rugged and reliable cast aluminum housing ensures Versify will be durable during installation.

Integrated Controls

Versify is ideal for commercial indoor, education, office, public space and healthcare applications, making it well-suited for integration with the latest technology from Hubbell Control Solutions. Wired or wireless controls are available using NX Distributed Intelligence, which can be scaled from a single luminaire-based control, a small room network or a building-wide system giving greater flexibility when deploying the fixture.

In many of the applications where Versify is well-suited, color temperature tuning technology is being specified. SpectraSync tunable white (2700K-5000K or 2700K-6500K) is an available option with Versify, enabling users to tailor correlated color temperature (“CCT”) based on occupant preferences to enhance task visibility, room materials and the overall ambiance of the space. With the growing popularity of the WELL Building standard and human-centric lighting trends, this color tuning technology is an in-demand choice for interior spaces that aim to support health and wellness.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Up to 150 Lumens per Watt
  • 1×2, 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 sizes
  • 80 CRI
  • 2″ overall depth, 2 1/4″ with emergency battery pack
  • Certified for UL924 with battery or DTS options
  • Seamlessly integrated sensors
  • Matte finish lens

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